Simon Biffen Photography: Blog en-us (C) Simon Biffen Photography [email protected] (Simon Biffen Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Simon Biffen Photography: Blog 90 120 A Hampshire Farm Wedding | Camilla & Nick Camilla and Nick's was a wedding I had been looking forward to for a long time. I had met them back in 2009 at a wedding I shot on the Dorset coast where Nick was an usher. Fast forward to 2012 and we arrive in Fordingbridge, just outside the New Forest where Nick's family farm is. A wonderful day was in store for all...
Wedding detail shots in the marquee - Simon Biffen Photography
The marquee was HUGE and was decorated with beautiful local flowers. Of course being on a farm meant there was a few other things to photograph as well, not least, Fluffy the bull.
Around the farm - Simon Biffen Photography
Bridal preparation - Simon Biffen Photography
Camilla's preparations had her tucked away in the couple's house on the farm, and with excitement building she did well not to peer out the windows and see what the boys were up to, probably for the best though as sat in the yard was the biggest Massey Ferguson tractor I've ever seen and a very happy Nick, who'd convinced the local dealership to lend it to him (it was a 7620 Dyna 6 for you tractor aficionados!) 
Farm wedding tractor - Simon Biffen PhotographyOf course why have just have one tractor when you can have two? Nick brought his own smaller version out to play and together they formed the basis for the grand entrance to the marquee. What followed was an excellent effort by seven grown men to hang some bunting between the two tractors. Worth it in the end though chaps eh?!
Farm wedding tractor - Simon Biffen PhotographyWith the church ceremony approaching a quick spruce up was required and eventually Groom and his ushers made their way to the pub for a swift pint...
Groom and ushers preparations - Simon Biffen Photography

Ushers walking to the pub - Simon Biffen Photography
St Mary's Church has a very welcoming atmosphere and with guests filling every seat, even more so. The ceremony was a celebration of happiness and an added highlight was the truly breathtaking performance of Ave Maria by a close friend, moistening even the hardiest eyes. The confetti line, with 180 people throwing, meant the Bride and Groom were suitably plastered by the end of it.
Wedding ceremony St Marys Church, Fordingbridge - Simon Biffen Photography

Wedding ceremony St Marys Church, Fordingbridge - Simon Biffen Photography
Back then to the farm where the newlyweds and I went off to get some splendid shots at some cool locations. The sun made a glancing appearance for us, just long enough to add a touch of Autumnal warmth...
Bride & Groom - Simon Biffen Photography
Bride & Groom on the farm - Simon Biffen Photography
Bride & Groom on the farm - Simon Biffen Photography
Bride & Groom - Simon Biffen Photography

Bride & Groom - Simon Biffen Photography

Bride & Groom - Simon Biffen Photography

Bride & Groom portraits - Simon Biffen Photography
Camilla and Nick were keen to have a less formal shot of the bridesmaids and ushers, so happy to get creative I used the tractor bunting entrance as the stage. The result is pretty cool and definitely beats a traditional group photograph.
Wedding creative group shot - Simon Biffen Photography
Drinks, canapes and laughter were to be found back in the marquee and soon everyone was led through and seated in anticipation of the speeches. They didn't disappoint. Originality and delivery is key to a good speech and in this case all the speakers held their own, riding the crowds applause, heckles and cheers.
Wedding reception - Simon Biffen Photography

Wedding speeches - Simon Biffen Photography

Wedding speeches - Simon Biffen Photography
Farmers love their meat and Nick is no exception! A great idea for the main course was the specially selected carver for each table, not forgetting their fetching apron to match. These chosen few had the responsibility of carving the joints and dishing them out much to the rest of the tables amusement.
Wedding breakfast - Simon Biffen Photography
The dancing followed and what a night it became! A great first dance opened the flood gates to a a fantastic effort from all ages on the dance floor. The Deloreons truly rocked with their 8-piece band and the partying went well into the night. 
Wedding first dance - Simon Biffen Photography
The Deloreons - Simon Biffen Photography

Wedding dancing - Simon Biffen Photography

Wedding dancing - Simon Biffen Photography
If you are getting married and would like to find out if I can capture the party atmosphere at your wedding then do head to my website Simon Biffen Photography to find out more.
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A splendid Devonshire wedding - Beth and James And so it was on the sixth day of October in the year two thousand and twelve that Beth and James were declared married. 

Here is the story of their day over four locations and two ceremonies...

Proceedings started in Totness at the Friend's Meeting House. Beth is a Quaker and this was my first experience of a Quaker wedding. It is a very peaceful ceremony, with a remarkable silence allowing Friends and family alike to reflect before giving words of love, support or guidance for the couple. No photographs are permitted during the service and this actually allowed me to take in importance of the event as well. Everyone present then signs the Quaker marriage certificate, which is written in beautiful calligraphy. With a Registrar present the marriage paperwork is done afterwards to make it a legal binding. 
Following this we headed to Bovisand Lodge Estate for the preparations. James manages the estate and holiday park here. It is set in a beautiful location with sea views and has beach access. Unfortunately, there wasn't time to get photographs with the couple down here, (but never fear, another beach was on hand later!)
Whilst James was already dressed and ready to go, Beth meanwhile had an outfit change hair and makeup to do.

Bridal preparation
On next to the quite sublime St Werburgh's Church, Wembury that is located right on the south Devon coast. As they had already completed the legal part of the wedding ceremony this church blessing meant that this presented the rare treat of Bride and Groom entering the church together! A touching service followed and concluded with a surprise guard of honour outside with the chaps from James' old rowing club using oars instead!

After the formal group shots I whisked Beth and James away for some alone time and a chance to get some really special images. The sun was racing towards the horizon and giving us a wonderful light to play with. We even managed to head down to the beach below the church and got some really beautiful moments.

The wedding reception was held in a wonderful Tentipi in Down Thomas. I love these tents, they always create a good atmosphere inside. There was also a chill out tent for the children and a booze tent for the adults! A fire-pit in the main tent kept us warm and marshmallows were on hand for those with a sweet tooth. The delightful wedding sponge cake looked incredible.
Wedding tentipi

With some additional wireless flashes I was able to get a nice fill light on the speakers during the speeches and this complimented the band's colourful strobes on the tent.

The first dance shifted in tempo half way through and elicited a rapturous applause from the cheering guests who then hit the dance floor themselves to the band's cool sounds.

It is special thing to find two people so genuine, kind and welcoming. Beth and James really made me feel like part of the family and their warmth and care is shared with everyone they meet. I'd like to congratulate them on an awesome wedding and for allowing me to capture it in the best way I know how. It was a real treat.

If you would like to find out more about my wedding photography then drop me an email on [email protected] or make contact through my website.

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St Audries Park Wedding | Vicky and Chris The wedding of Vicky and Chris was a fabulous Autumnal bash held in North Somerset. 

With a romantic driveway entrance St Audries Park is instantly appealing. Deer graze in the surrounding fields, the bellow of a stag interrupts the silence and if you look carefully you can even see the sea, which is just under a mile away. The stately home is quite magnificent but with dark clouds looming, I had my fingers crossed for some good luck.
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
 Making my way through the network of passageways I found the girls and the only-ever-so-slightly nervous bride, Vicky. There was gorgeous soft window light which lent itself to some striking images of the bridal preparations.
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography

St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
The dress was beautiful, although it took Vicky's sister a good number of attempts to lace up the back. Definitely worth the effort though :)
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
Meanwhile, the boys (who were only running an hour behind schedule!) were getting ready a few rooms away. Unfortunately, Chris had forgotten his cufflinks, but never fear when you have a ultra-reliable usher who has a box of them.
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
The civil ceremony was held in the stunning Orangery which is a bright and elegant setting which came alive when the sun made it's appearance. Just in time for Vicky who was making her way across from the main house. 
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography

St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography

St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
As the weather continued to improve it allowed me to take the newly weds for a stroll around the grounds. The front of St Audries Park has a grand entrance and the building is covered in Virginia Creeper, and at this time of year it had turned a magnificent red. This gave a superb backdrop and added to the sun dropping lower in the sky it gave us a unique shooting light and some great photographs.
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography

St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography

St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography

St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
Rose petals, Koi Carp fish, croquet, giant Connect 4, a bridesmaid pianist and more were all part of the experience for guests as they enjoyed drinks and canapes around the house and gardens.
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography

St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography

St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography The speeches were heartfelt, touching and at times laugh-out loud. With an iPad malfunction Best Man Mike had to resort to his paper version, but he took it in his stride and with a picture of a 'special' bulldog the guys had met whilst travelling he brought the house down. 
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
Even though Vicky and Chris only wanted a short time alone on the dance floor before being joined by everyone else, I managed to get some great images of them dancing to their chosen song 'For You' by Angus and Julia Stone.
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography

St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
Later in the evening I stole them away for a creative shot in the dark with some off-camera flashes in front of the fish pond, here's the result of one:
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen PhotographyBack inside to catch some action on the dancefloor and a brilliant effort at Gangnam Style!
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
With a still night and the stars shining one of my last photographs was a 15 second exposure of St Audries Park from the driveway. A bit of post-production work and I'm pretty pleased with the end result! Thanks to Vicky and Chris and all their friends and family for welcoming me and allowing me to capture their amazing day.
St Audries Park Wedding Simon Biffen Photography
Are you looking to find the right wedding photographer who can capture the real story of your day as well as create portraiture with style? I would love to hear from you! Click to find out more about Simon Biffen Photography or send me a message here.
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Winters Barn Wedding | Sophie and Danny Wow this venue was such a treat! Sophie and Danny chose Winters Barns in Canterbury to hold their marvellously rustic-styled wedding. It was an emotional day, especially during the speeches when we heard of the near-death experience Danny had been through as a young man and how the Air Ambulance had been there to save the day, hence why donations, instead of favours, and proceedings raised in the traditional 'how long will the speeches be?' competition went to this hugely worthwhile service. 
The weather behaved itself allowing me to get plenty of outdoor photographs and the guests all had a blast. An after dinner singer, the best selection of pick and mix I have ever seen and not forgetting Giant Jenga (which brought out the ultra-competitive nature in some of the boys) meant there was something to please everyone. The frivolity went a step further when one unnamed usher decided a dip in the fish pond would be rather fun, not to the amusement of his wife however! The partying continued well into the night with guests getting loose and breaking out some quite incredible moves on the dance-floor. An awesome couple, stunning venue, and an amazing atmosphere meant this wedding really rocked! 

Right enough from me, you've come to see the pictures! Enjoy this selection from Sophie and Danny's wedding day...

Cambridgeshire wedding photography

Cambridgeshire wedding Photography

Cambridge wedding photography

wedding ceremony photography

Bride and Groom photograph

Bride and Groom photograph

wedding speeches

wedding speeches

giant jenga wedding

first dance wedding photography

If you would like award-winning wedding photographer Simon Biffen to capture your wedding day then drop him an email or alternatively head to Simon Biffen Photography to find out more.
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Vicky and Adam's stylish London wedding I was lucky enough to photograph a rather cool London wedding recently. Vicky and Adam approached me in February looking for a photographer after an old uni rugby friend sent them in my direction. Little did any of us know that a few months later they would have some very exciting news: they would be expecting their first baby in October

In fact, on the day, Vicky was the most calm, relaxed bride I've ever seen and she carried her 'bump' with grace and poise in a beautifully flowing dress. The ceremony was held in The Grand Chamber at Wandsworth Town Hall. It is a striking room with oak panelling and an impressive skylight. Guests were then taken by classic red Routemasters across the city to The Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall where they were spoiled with a top notch service in decadent surroundings. Meanwhile Bride, Groom and myself went by car to get some portraits with a London theme. Battersea Power Station was our first stop and then we risked our lives crossing Westminster Bridge, but boy was it worth it. We got some awesome shots with stunned tourists looking on and backdrops included Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye. 

The wedding reception was held beneath the stunning chandeliers of the wonderful Mountbatten Room and with the impeccable service, it provided a first class experience for all. There were some embarrassing moments for Adam during the speeches, although nothing less should be expected from a best man! The partying went long into the night and the band made sure there were plenty of people on the dancefloor. A pink feather boa somehow found it's way into the mix and this entertained the crowd when it was put to good use for an impromptu limbo competition! Overall it was A fantastic wedding for a fantastic couple. Congratulations Vicky and Adam and best of luck with your new addition later this month!

If you'd like to find out more about my wedding photography please head to my website or email me, I'd love to hear from you!
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Top 10 Wedding Photographer Back in August I entered the Wedding Industry Experts Awards. This was the first year that this particular awards has been run. It was a worldwide competition open to everyone that supplies the wedding industry. Voting was for two weeks and votes came from anyone who wanted to show their support to their chosen supplier. 

I had great support from friend's and past couples and am very pleased to say that I achieved some quite nice results...

Pretty stoked that I came 7th in England because 'Top 10' certainly has a nice ring to it! But hey, I won't shy away from Top 50 Worldwide either!

Thank you to all those who supported me, it really means a lot.

The next awards I've entered are the similarly named, but very differently formatted, Wedding Industry Awards which is based purely on clients scores and feedback from this year only. It is highly regarded and I would love to take on the big boys here. I will let you know in November how it goes!

So, to finish with...

If you would like an award winning wedding photographer to take awesome pictures at your wedding head over to Simon Biffen Photography and find out more ;)

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That's Amore! Lucy & Joe's Sorrento Wedding The beautiful and historic town of Sorrento, Italy was the destination for Lucy and Joe's intimate wedding back in August. The sun was out in all it's glory and even with a 4pm ceremony, it was still over 32 degrees! The civil ceremony was held in the stunning Saint Francis Cloisters followed by a short walk through the cobbled Italian streets took us to the Hotel Bellevue, which had incredible views from the terraces towards Mt Vesuvius. Strangely enough the famous catastrophic eruption was on the the very same day back in 79 AD, fortunately there was no sign of a repeat event! Really delightful to photograph a couple so in love and obviously so very perfect for one another, and fantastic to have captured them making their very own history in such a striking and memorable location. Congratulations Lucy and Joe...
Are you getting married in the UK or abroad and looking for fresh, stylish wedding photography? Well look no further! Please do get in touch via my website if you'd like to find out more.
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Anna & Pete Family Shoot I had the pleasure last week of photographing Anna and Pete, whose wedding I shot a few years ago on the Dorset coast, this time doing a family portrait shoot for them. This was a rather unique shoot because it wasn't just Mum and Dad, but also their 6 month old adorable baby girl (who behaved beautifully it has to be said!), Welly (the 18 month old black labrador, behaved well most of the time!) and Sammy (Anna's palomino horse). Getting great shots of all of them was the aim, before the clouds opened up! We kept things very relaxed, nothing very formal. They have a lovely cottage in the countryside and we used the garden and fields to get some outdoor shots while we could. Here are the results...

If you've enjoyed looking at these photographs and would like your own family shoot, then feel free to get in touch with me by clicking here.
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Wedding Industry Experts 2012 Awards

I have been nominated for The 2012 Wedding Industry Awards and need your help! This is a chance for anyone who quite likes, loves or adores my photography to cast your vote. 

The way this works is on the number of total votes in a category, and here's the thing: you can vote once per day. This means for the two weeks you can vote everyday if you're really feeling the love! And do feel free to spread the word to family, friends and co-workers if you think I'm worthy. With all the other competition I will need all the help I can get to compete with the big fish. 

This will be Simon Biffen Photography's first year as a full time business and I would love to kick things off with some bling! Seriously though, it would be awesome. Since leaving teaching to take my passion for pictures to the next level I can safely say it has been a roller coaster ride, but I am absolutely loving it. 

There we go, I'm done :) Don't forget to cast your vote each day you lovely people... 

Voting commences on the 13th August and runs till the 31st August.

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A Thousand to One How many photographs do you need to tell the story of your wedding? 
A thousand? 
A hundred? 


Could you pick just one picture? Is that even possible?
And what sort of picture would it be? Would you choose a person? A moment? A detail?

Can you imagine if wedding photographers didn't give you hundreds of images, but instead had to chose just one? 

That one image would have to be mindblowingly good wouldn't it?!

You bet.

So, where am I going with this?

Well, I think the old saying 'less is more' is fitting here. Think about this: would you rather see ten OK pictures of you having your hair done, or one exceptional one? Six average pictures of you walking down the aisle, or one that's spectacular?

Quality not quantity, in other words.

The world is full of average-to-appalling digital photographs, and you certainly don't want to receive any like this from your wedding photographer. Although, funnily enough I did from mine. From a massive 750 images sent to us on disc, we culled 300 right off the bat for either being out of focus, inappropriate or just plain rubbish. Plenty more images needed colour correction and further editing. This was not what I expected to have to do and it really put the photographer in a bad light in my eyes. Did it mean he wasn't bothered enough about our wedding to take the time to actually study the pictures carefully, or did he just think by providing all the images he was doing us a favour?

You don't walk into an Apple store and see old tatty iPods and iPhones, packaging on the floor or day-glo sale signs. That is because a sense of quality resounds through everything they do, from the chirpy 'hello' to the last play with the latest Mac Air before you leave. You are happy in the knowledge that you are being provided for, looked after and that the product is completely worth investing in.

I think that wedding photography should be the same: you should love the photographer's work, have a good connection with them and be shown that they care about you and your day.

Every wedding I shoot has my complete and utter attention. I want the end result to be genuine happiness from the Bride and Groom at seeing their day captured just how they envisaged, and sometimes a little better.  I want my couples to value each and every photograph I give them. Each will have it's place.

Deciding on what makes the final disc is a long process for me. I need time to consider and think carefully about the story of the day and including relevant pictures and culling the chaff. But it is completely worth it. This is obviously all pointless if you don't have great photographs to choose from to start with! 

The title of this blog is 'a thousand to one'. These are odds that you could bet on and retire happy but if i rejig it a little and swap a word... you get 'one in a thousand'. This saying could relate to your photographer, your dress, your other half (oops, they should be at least one in ten thousand) but essentially it means that you've chosen something or someone so special that it isn't going to be matched easily. 

I'm aware of how many thousands of photographers there are to chose from, but I'm safe in the knowledge that none of them are exactly like me, or have my unique passion for wedding photography, and of course none can beat me at welly wanging (and if you think you can then head to the World Welly Boot Throwing in my home town of Wellington in September and challenge me!)

If you would like to find out more about what makes me special, as it were, then pay me a visit at Simon Biffen Photography.

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Polly & Andy's Dorset Wedding, 14th July 2012
The weather held (just!) and Polly and Andy got the wedding they dreamed of: a classy, country affair in delightful Dorset. Things started with a bang with the boys in the morning on their clay pigeon shoot with Justin at On The Peg. There was serious competition between the boys and no one was going to let the groom have it easy. Andy did in fact come second, after upping his game.
The church was in the enormous grounds of Bryanston School where Polly was a former student. The Rev'd Andrew Haviland captivated the congregation with his delightful positivity during the ceremony. One word: "Wow!" :)
The reception was held at another of Polly's old schools, this time at Hanford. The gorgeous box gardens allowed us the perfect escape for half an hour to get some stunning portraits. We were interrupted at one point by the Headmaster's dog who came and gave his personal congratulations to the happy couple!  
I wanted to try a few shots using the quite spectacular tree in the grounds and the boys were keen to do a bit of climbing to get into position. Only thing is that full stretch lunges aren't really what these suits were designed for and there was one 'accident' in the nether regions of one unnamed usher ;). 

Having spent five years as teachers at The Banda School in Kenya, Polly and Andy wanted to bring an element of their time in Africa to their wedding. There were Masai rugs, carved animal favours and their favourite places in Kenya were designated as table names on a huge map. The marquee was set in the grounds of the house and had what seemed like hundreds of metres of bunting decorating the inside. This, alongside lanterns and fairylights, gave it a wonderfully bright and colouful feel inside.
Croquet was available for those who were feeling competitive. I'm not sure what it is with croquet, but it seems men just can't play it without turning into monsters! The nicest guys suddenly become possessed once they realise they can knock their mate's ball into the next postcode! 
The food was delicious: fresh country produce that fitted in perfectly with the day and was presented beautifully.
Ah, the speeches! One of my favourite parts of the day, everyone is relaxed, and the only one stressing is the best man. Or in this case, men. These two chaps paired up better than Batman and Robin and delivered a fantastic speech which had the Groom squirming just the right amount. Talking of which, poor Andy. Not only did the heavens open for your speech, but that thunder couldn't have come at a more inappropriate moment! Nevertheless, you moved us all with your heartfelt words.

Not a fan of traditional wedding cakes, Polly and Andy opted for a cheese cake, yes real cheese! It was truly a sight to behold especially when cut with a massive sword!
Jim Etherington and his band got the dancefloor filled and feet moving. Their version of Zorba the Greek was unbelievable. I have never in all my days seen a crowd respond quite so well to it!
So... that was the wedding of the lovely Polly and Andy!

 I hope you have enjoyed this sample of their wedding. If you like what you see and would like to know more about my wedding photography head over to my website or contact me.

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer With your head ever-so-slightly pounding, the misty champagne-induced haze slowly clearing from your eyes you roll over to see your fiance and then try and remember why it is you have a tightness on your finger...


It hits you, it's a wedding ring, you got married and that's your wife! 

The day before rocked: your friends were there in full force, even your dad managed not to embarrass you.... much. The planning that went into the day paid off and you cannot wait to see the photographs. Then a horrible thought dawns on you. Did you make the right decision to pour all that money into the free bar rather than a professional photographer? Surely, the guy who offered the 'cheapest deal in town' was joking about not really knowing how to use his brand new camera? Or that the blurry ones would be artistic in black and white? Or that he was trying out some some new techniques and hoped that this time these wouldn't make the bride cry?!


Now, I know you're probably thinking that's pretty extreme and could never happen... but check out these stories : "Our big day ruined!" and "I'll sue your ****!" (note these are photography related rather than embarrassing Dad's at weddings, although there's an idea...)

Let's rewind a tad.

For all that the big day represents it is just a day, and like any day you forget things. Even things you swear you'd never forget (ok perhaps this is just coming from a man, but roll with me) like: the colour of your tie, the canapes, the table favours, the button holes... I won't go on or I might get in trouble in case my wife thinks that I forgot those things...

All this leads onto the fact that a good wedding photographer is your answer. Not only will they capture the day's major events, but they will be able to take moments you hadn't even been aware of: longing glances, beaming smiles, a few manly tears. And it's the emotions that add up to capturing how the day really was. Without the people, without the pure joy shared at a couple confirming their love for each other, you would lose the whole sense of sharing and togetherness that a marriage brings with it. So here are a five reasons (and ways to help choose) a truly professional photographer who will trump anybody else:

Reason #1. 
The photographer is there to take pictures, not to be the centre of attention. They must make sure that moments are captured unobtrusively as much as possible. Of course, there are times when they need to get involved: organising groups or giving subtle direction to the Bride and Groom to get those portraiture shots to look as striking as possible, but on the whole they let things happen. Essentially, they must understand the style of your wedding and capture it creatively and honestly. 

Reason #2.
Another important matter is the manner in which your photographer approaches your day. Will they give time to you before the day in order to talk through timings, check out the venue and get to know you better as individuals? It's pretty important for you to get on well with each other. Did you ever think about this girls? Your photographer will quite likely spend as much time with you on your wedding day as the chap you're getting hitched to... so wouldn't it be nice if you were happy in their company?!

Reason #3. 
Your photographer should impress you. And by that I mean you should be genuinely in love with their work. It should excite you. It should connect with you. It should make you wish you were in the photograph. There are few occasions in life where you will look so good or so happy. With the right photographer you will look unbelievable. And that is the goal. To have photographs taken like you've never had before. Pictures you want to show off to the world.

Reason #4. 
So, you've got a great photographer whose pictures you adore, who understands about your day and relates well to both of you. Now just make sure that they are reliable. How can you check this? Well they should be able to give you contact details for previous couples who you can contact if you want to. Get it straight from the horse's mouth as it were. Secondly, do they have suitable backup equipment if Auntie Fiona spills her wine over the camera? It happens and they should be ready for it. Thirdly, are they insured? This protects both parties against any nasty accidents or loss. 

Reason #5. 
Wow so that's it really. Apart from one last thing. Do they fit into your budget? And is your budget flexible if photographs are something you think are worth investing in? It's no good lusting after a photographer if it's going to be detrimental to your bank balance in the long run. However, with the right mindset you should be able to determine what is important. Is it the free bar or is it the photographer you've had your eye on since you got engaged?

I'd love to hear how you found your perfect wedding photographer. Was it word of mouth? Did you meet them at a wedding fayre? Had you seen them on a blog? Do tell. Especially if you have an embarrassing Dad story as I could be onto a winner there ;)

If you've enjoyed reading this please come back often for more! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter or for the real deal head to my weddings website.
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Website Re-Launch Offer To celebrate the launch of my new website I wanted to come up with something that people could get excited about. Something that gave new clients a great deal but also allowed my current and existing clients a nice treat as well...

I am offering all new clients a £250 voucher towards any part of their wedding photography if they book before September 1st 2012. 

All existing and past wedding clients, for every couple you recommend, who then book their wedding photography with me gets you a cool £50 cash. It really is that simple...

For full terms and conditions please email me.
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How the new website was born At long last. 

Many moons ago I decided it was time to make my website stand out from the crowd. It is the window to my world, the way I work and the images on it are there to give people the best impression of me. So of course it needs to be good. For three years I had been using a template website which I had tweaked and fiddled around with, but it was never quite right. With the added goal of driving my photography to new heights, I needed some help getting the job done properly. So I started shopping. Not an easy thing to do with so many options... 

I finally came across Nige and Jamie at the SWPP Convention in January. Their company Freebird design some of the best websites I have seen and after a chat and showing them my work I knew these could be the guys who could pull it off. 

The first stage of design was the logo. Back and forth we went with ideas and sketches finally deciding on the simple but elegant one that you see below. It is balanced, stylish and unique. The birds? Well you can decide what they represent, but I think they could symbolise love and companionship... and what are weddings all about?

So the next stage was coming up with the overall look and feel. I wanted something that was reminiscent of a wedding. Appeal is aimed to be universal with small details for the keen eyed, but at the same time it should make the viewer feel comfortable with how to navigate and discover what I am all about. This is how the landing page looks...

There are links along the bottom of every page to Facebook, Twitter and this blog. With social media taking such an important role regarding exposure and reach, it is vital to have these incorporated. The Portfolio page is there to show off my photographs so we opted for a 'dim the lights' effect to reduce distraction. There is also a 'Watch Me' link to view a recent video slideshow.

Accessibility is key and being able to get to various parts is generally only one or two clicks away, for example, the side bar allows you to navigate to various sections from every page. 

Really really pleased that it is now built and up for the world to see. I have to thank the awesome team at Freebird for their hard work and patience dealing with all my changes. I also couldn't have done it without the support and advice from my gorgeous wife. Thank you. :)

If you haven't seen the website yet then do head over by clicking here and if you like it, spread the word!
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Cheshire Wedding Preview | Kim & Chris The first of two Jubilee weddings was this one in Cheshire for Kim and Chris. Equal amounts of laughter and tears meant a very emotional day for all involved. From the traditional church ceremony at St Oswald's Church, Lower Peover to the grand marquee setup at nearby Nether Peover, the Bride and Groom couldn't have been happier all day. The amazing bond between father and daughter was clear and there was not a dry eye in the place after his heart-felt speech. The party went on well into the night with the Essex crowd showing how to really celebrate in style! A fabulous day for a fabulous couple, congratulations Kim and Chris! Click to enlarge photographs...

cheshire wedding photography
cheshire wedding photography
cheshire wedding photography
cheshire wedding photography
If you would like Simon to take stunning photographs at your wedding please phone 07414977696 or email [email protected]

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St Donat's Castle, Wales | Wedding photography | Rachel & Eugene The second of two Jubilee weekend weddings, this time for Rachel and Eugene in The Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. A quaint church ceremony in Llandow then off to St Donat's Castle for the reception: a stunning veune with tiered gardens and access to the Bristol Channel made this very unique for some contemporary images of the Bride and Groom. They were clearly made for each other as they couldn't stop smiling all day! It was a delight to capture the love between them and share the day with all their family and friends. Here is a preview of their day, click to enlarge photographs...

wedding photography preparationsdocumentary wedding photography wales
contemporary wedding photography bride and groom
st donats castle wedding photography
st donats castle wedding photography

If you would like Simon to take stunning photographs at your wedding please phone 07414977696 or email [email protected]

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Wedding Group Shots: Formal or Informal? What pops into your head when you think of wedding group photographs? Boring? Time-consuming? Would rather be enjoying your first glass of bubbly?

Formal group shots have been part and parcel of wedding photography since people started taking photographs at weddings. Having a photographer who can organise them quickly and effciently, allowing guests to relax is important, but so is someone who can think outside of the box and create something different if the situation allows. I want to show you a variety of group shots that may help you decide which you prefer on your day.

First up: traditional formal group shots. The first photograph is one of eight groups shot right outside the church. Time taken: less than 10 minutes for all groups. The second photograph was the entire wedding party and made use of the fine weather and bandstand. Time taken: 5 minutes.

To make life easier when organising groups, your photographer will need a pre-arranged list of groups (normally around 8-10) and some assistance in gathering the right people (ushers it's your time to shine!)

However, groups don't always have to be the traditional stand in a line that you may envisage. Some locations can offer some unique opportunities. The rocks in the first photograph below caught my eye and having the boys staggered gives a nice depth to the image. The stunning painting in the second photograph gave a great background, helping it stand out.

*UPDATE!* This next 'Vanity Fair style' group shot worked out really well. The pillars and steps added more depth and interest and the variation in height with some sitting and some standing or leaning help create a striking image (this was shot at the awesome St Donat's Castle, Wales). This sort of group shot is becoming more popular as it is possible to have really powerful group shots that stand out from the standard formals.

A great group shot should reflect the personalities within it. This next pair of pictures again made thoughtful use of the location and more importantly shows they are genuinely happy! Having fun whilst taking portraits always helps as it generally makes those on the other side of the lens more relaxed leading to more natural photographs.

How about some group shots that are a little more informal? These of the girls captured them having fun and just being themselves. 

And to finish with: two documentary group shots of the boys. Natural and completely unstaged. These have a very different goal in mind: telling the story of events as they happen. I love the first one, reminds me of The Beatles.

So there you have it. A variety of group shots that show you don't have to go down the traditional route. Everyone is different so why be stuck with just having ordinary group shots? A photographer who understands your requirements is essential. If you like my approach why not get in touch or head over to my website to see how I go about capturing the rest of your day.
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The Beauty of the Wedding Album Nowadays we are so used to seeing images on a screen, whether that be computer, phone or tablet we lose the joy of actually handling a real photograph. Wedding photography can fall into the same trap, you get your images on a disc which then get stored away and rarely get fully appreciated. 
One of the best ways to counter this is having an album that is hand crafted and tells the story of your day. Here is an example of one my Bellissimo Perfetto albums. These albums are simply stunning: genuine leather, etching, flush mounted and lay-flat pages are just some of the reasons these show off your wedding pictures so well. Designs can be made across both pages and with sizes up to 16x14, they really are a sight to behold. 

 My designs are clean and fresh and document the day as it was. There is a balance of colour and tone and the story flows from one image to the next. This album sample is of Tim and Rachel's wedding in Blandford Forum, Dorset, a gorgeous country affair.

Albums are very personal things and so is my design process. Each one is unique. You also get to proof your pages before they go to print, which allows you to suggest changes if needed.

Here is a look at the Memento 7x5 albums which are a replica of the main album but handy enough to keep in your bag:

The Bellissimo album can also be downsized, here is an example of an 8x6 version with genuine leather:

And here are some more pictures of another Perfetto album this one the largest size of 14x16, which really shows off the images to their very best:

Coming in their own stylish presentation cases means they will always be kept in mint condition for years to come:

Would like to see these storybook wedding albums for real or have your very own? Head over to my website or email me to get in touch. 

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A match made in Dorset

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Tim and Rachel's Wedding
Awesome little wedding car and I was lucky enough to sneak in behind them as they left the church so passing through the avenue of beech trees at Badbury Rings I managed to get a few shots of the car ahead of me (whilst driving myself!) and there wasn't another car in sight. Perfect!

A stunning National Trust home met us on our arrival at the reception and with the gardens reaching the river, it really was idyllic. Got some great photographs right into the night and drove back to be home by midnight. Phew! Enjoy these chosen shots of the day...

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