Simon is a professional photographer based in Somerset who travels the UK taking pictures for clients who value quality imagery. A highly capable and practised photographer, Simon is adept in a variety of specialisms:
  • As a former primary school teacher, Simon uses his understanding of how children work and behave to be able to honestly and vividly capture schools in action. Whether it be in the classroom or on the stage, he is able to portray schools as the energetic, multi-dimensional places that they are. Simon has worked with Independent and State schools including Millfield, Colfes London, St Mark's New Zealand, Monkton Combe, James Wolfe, and The Marsh Academy.
  • Sports photography requires an understanding of the activity and predicting the next move is all-important. Simon has photographed a wide variety of sports from Crossfit to rugby and his ability to follow the action and be in the right place at the right time creates dramatic, intense images.
  • For his lifestyle and portrait photography, Simon's easy-going approach allows clients to relax and be themselves in front of the lens. Subtle direction and excellent use of light and setting create stunning images of every person he photographs.

If you would like to commission Simon for a photographic shoot please email him at [email protected] and he would be happy to provide you a competitive quote for your needs.

Simon's wedding photography sees him demand right across the UK, if you would like to see his website devoted to weddings please visit Somerset Wedding Photographer.